What makes TROY different from a traditional school?
In addition to the rigorous academic standards that our program meets, we also provide support services that make us different and help students to be successful: a caseworker for every student that meets with students a minimum of one time per week individually in addition to group social skills classes that meet one time per week; caseworkers also meet with parents and guardians of students a minimum of one time per week; a licensed school counselor is new this year to the program in order to take students beyond graduation and a diploma and start to think about bigger goals and paths to take.



TROY offers a program for teenage parents that allows them to take care of their child while continuing their high school education.

Two very important programs (and currently underfunded programs) at TROY are the transportation program and the lunch program.

First transportation, we know that the most common and biggest obstacle to education that youth face is transportation. By picking students up and transporting them to school each day, we are often able to raise attendance that averages as low as 25% to 85% at TROY. We feel this is a program that is vital to the success of our students and must continue in the future. However, this program continues to be at risk due to lack of funding and the high cost involved with transporting students.

The lunch program at TROY has grown to become a very important part of what we do. We have found that for many of our students, the lunch they receive at TROY is the only nutritious meal that they may have in a day. Thanks to the generosity of Parkview Whitley Hospital, we are able to provide free, healthy, meals each day.