About TROY

TROY (Teaching and Reaching Our Youth) was founded in 1997. It is an accredited independent alternative school helping students to gain an education and earn a diploma at their own pace while supported by loving teachers, counselors, and support staff.

We believe that regardless of past behavior or current circumstances, everyone deserves the opportunity for an education.  We also believe that communities grow and benefit when the level of education in a community is raised.

In addition to the rigorous academic standards that our program meets, we also provide support services that make us different and help students to be successful. We provide a behavior manager for every student that meets with individual students a minimum of once a week, in addition to group social skills classes that meet once a week. Behavior managers also meet with parents and guardians of students a minimum of one time per week. A licensed school counselor is available in order to take students beyond graduation and a diploma to start to think about bigger goals and paths to take.

The video above is a quick overview of our program and what we have to offer.  TROY values education, but it is also about reaching the youth in a way that motivates them to succeed.  It includes some short video testimonies from previous TROY students that tell how their lives have been impacted by the TROY.  Thanks to 323 media for filming and editing this video for us!

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide the youth of our community with the tools and education necessary to succeed.
TROY would like to see all of the youth in our community receive an education.

Vision Statement

TROY would like to see all of the youth in our community receive an education. We may be the last chance that some students who have failed in a traditional school have. We would like to see those students develop to become productive adult citizens in our community, instead of becoming a drain on society because alternatives weren’t available and dropping out was the only option. Through providing our services, we hope to see lives changed and the community strengthened.