Join the Journey!

At TROY, we understand that people come from different journeys and backgrounds.  We are not the beginning or the end of someone’s journey, but we want to come alongside them in their journey.  Whether you are student interested in enrolling, or a person interested in volunteering, we would love to welcome you to join this journey with us!

Lifeskill Mentors

If you have a specific skill such as: painting, woodworking, or cooking, we would love to have you impart your skills to our students. If you are interested in sharing a lifeskill that you have, contact us.


TROY students always benefit from having one on one assistance. Tutors are needed in all subjects. If you are interested in tutoring at TROY, contact us.

Kroger Shopping

Every time you use your Kroger Plus Card a percentage could be going toward TROY! Click the Kroger button below to enroll in just a few minutes. Our account is listed as TROY Center, Inc (#46293).