TROY Staff


Cindy Baker

Administrative Director

Cindy’s masters degree in Organizational Development and Leadership makes her the perfect person to serve as TROY’s Administrative Director. Her undergrad degree in secondary education helps her understand the challenges a school faces and her organizational and leadership skills help her to make TROY succeed. She not only possesses the skills necessary to run the school, but she also has a heart to see each student reach their fullest potential.


Nicole Trier

Clinical Director

Nicole desires to use her experience as a mental health counselor to help address difficulties the students may face in the area of mental health. Nicole has worked 22 years at TROY and loves it because they try to find the “why” behind the behaviors instead of simply punishing the student. She wants to help families find the best solution to the struggles they may face. She states, “I love that kids can feel a sense of family here and I like that we don’t give up on them.”


Michelle Platz

Academic and Student Services Director

Michelle’s ultimate goal is to help the students navigate high school and make sure that they are on track to graduate. “I love being able to work with the teachers and behavior managers to ensure that all students’ academic, social, and emotional needs are met.” Her background in probation and her licensure in school counseling helps bring a unique perspective to her role that allows her to meet each student where they are at individually.


Rhiannon Cormany

Office Manager

With her extraordinary organizational skills and oversight into TROY's daily activities, Rhiannon brings a valuable addition to the team. She loves working at TROY because she believes that the staff are big hearted people. Her skill at the job and joy to see the students overcoming obstacles adds to the excellence of service and care that TROY wants to provide to the students.

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Amy Bonham

Office Assistant

Amy loves to clean and organize, anything that brings order. This makes her a great fit as TROY's Office Assistant. Her positive attitude and bright smile also bring joy to the students and parents as they enter the building. Her desire to have a positive impact on the students is seen in the way she always positively interacts with the everyone.


Emily Walker

Social Media and Website Manager

Emily has filled many roles at TROY, but her skill with technology has become an asset to TROY as it continues to grow. Her creativity helps TROY to share their message through different media platforms, the website, and videos. It is not just her skill that helps relay TROY's mission. Emily shares the same mission as TROY and has demonstrated her ability to relate to and serve youth well.


Mindi Meyer

Behavior Specialist

It is no wonder that Mindi is a great person for this position because she loves being with the students everyday and giving them a sense of hope. With her background in Criminal Justice and Psychology she is able to understand the students well and help them to be the best that they can be.


Deb Minear

Behavior Specialist

Working at TROY has become one of Deb’s greatest joys. She states, “the staff and students at TROY have become like family to me. I care about them and spend personal time considering ways to help them succeed and thrive.” Her wittiness, hard work, and passion have been great contributions to supporting the students and working with the staff.


Elizabeth Baxter

Community Coordinator

Elizabeth’s background in Social Work is not just a great fit for working with the students at TROY, but it is also a great fit for her passion with connecting people in the community. Elizabeth takes on a unique role at TROY with helping students prepare for adulthood and community engagement. She loves watching the students grow academically and socially.


Chris Collins

Special Education and Testing Coordinator

With a BS in Special Education, a General Education license, and 10+ years of experience in education, Chris makes a huge impact in the lives of the students at TROY. She works to help students create individual goals and guides them through each step of the way. Chris says, “I love that TROY meets the needs of the whole student, not just the educational needs.”

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Megan Devito

History and Government Teacher

Megan considers herself a history and government nerd which is why that, along with her Education degree from Purdue makes her the perfect Government teacher at TROY. She says, “I like working at TROY because of the great staff and knowing I am making an impact on students.”


Jackie White

Science Teacher

Jackie spent eight years working in a public school setting before she started working at TROY. She said that "TROY is known as a school for second chances, and it was kind of my second chance at teaching." She loves working one on one with the students and has found her niché at TROY.


Bill Webber

Math Teacher

Bill has brought over 30 years of teaching experience to TROY. His combination of sternness and light heartedness brings a stable and fun environment for the students. He uses his passion for woodwork to help students create fun, real life, math projects. It is fun and rewarding for Bill to see his students succeed.


Dee Dee Maggard

Physical Education and Health Teacher

Dee Dee believes in the importance of a balanced life and loves bringing her positivity and experience prior as a behavior coach into the classroom. Dee Dee says, "I believe in our mission at TROY and I love helping kids find their gifts. The students love Dee Dee's experience as a basketball coach, as basketball seems to be the sport of choice at TROY.


Abby English

Middle School Teacher

Abby has been with TROY almost since the beginning. Her passion for seeing the students succeed is marked by the student's positive attitudes and increased performance. Abby's gift of working with the middle school students helps set them up for success as they enter into high school.


Kristen Schuman

English Teacher

Kristen spreads her love for learning with the students at TROY. She developed a passion for working with students that need extra help while she was attending Ball State University and lives out that passion as she works with the students at TROY. She loves helping students find their strengths and build their confidence in school.


Mike Minier


Mike is a guy who likes stability, which is great for our students. They can count on a reliable ride to school each day. This helps us reach our mission by helping raise the attendance of the students we are seeking to teach and reach.